About Us


ChristianScienceWA.org is the statewide Christian Science web portal from the Washington State Outreach Committee (WSOC). It’s intended to be the ‘one URL to remember’ to reach every Christian Science website in Washington — and a springboard for Washington residents who want to know more about Christian Science.

We also maintain a Facebook page, a Twitter feed and an Instagram account. Follow us, friend us, and stop by often to see what’s new!

What is WSOC?

The committee was originally known as the Washington State Broadcast Committee. It was founded in 1993 by Christian Science churches in Western Washington to air The Christian Science Sentinel: Radio Edition in Seattle.

As Sentinel Radio evolved into Sentinel Watch, the Broadcast Committee evolved into the Washington State Outreach Committee. Now we have a truly statewide focus — connecting listeners across Washington with Sentinel Watch, Daily Lift, the Weekly Bible Lesson and other programs produced by the Christian Science Publishing Society. While we no longer air a program on AM or FM radio, we make Sentinel Watch available through this website (on computers and mobile devices) and several phone lines.

Our activities include:

  • Maintaining and improving ChristianScienceWA.org (which offers Christian Science multimedia programs, a calendar of lectures and other events, and a directory of Christian Science churches, societies and Reading Rooms around the state)
  • Managing social media (regular posts to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
  • Offering Sentinel Watch and the Bible Lesson by phone via five local phone lines
  • Providing technology coaching and mentoring to Christian Science branch churches and societies that request it

WSOC continues to explore ways to share Christian Science via online and mobile channels. Administration is handled by a small executive committee representing a variety of Christian Science churches in the state. We are supported — with financial contributions, volunteers and prayer — by branch churches, societies and individual Christian Scientists throughout Washington.